About Me

Hi everyone!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, first of all. My name is Daniela and I go by Dani. I just graduated from Florida International University in Environmental Studies. I have spent the last year or so working at Everglades National Park as an intern for various organizations. I have always loved the environment and being out in nature, but as a little kid, I never knew I could make my whole career focus on it. When I was a kid, we also didn’t have such an insane threat of climate change or anything like that.

I am using this blog and my accompanying podcast to bring awareness to become zero waste and reducing our waste. I am using it to share some DIYs that I find along the way and to share my struggles with staying true to what I have studied at university. I am always looking for people to bring on my podcast, whether it is to talk about the environment or just to talk about anything. I am only 23 and can’t wait to see what this blog turns into!

Thank you once again for joining me on this journey!